Midwest Clock Repair

Special Order For Mr Spivey

Special Order For Mr Spivey - Hamburg American Two Train Westminster Chime Clock Movement.

This is a rebuild service for you to send me your clock movement to be rebuilt and then returned to you.

The listed price of $225.00 includes the following:
Any bushings the clock movement needs.
Cleaning and oiling the clock movement.
Cleaning and oiling the springs.
Regulating the clock movement to keep good time.
Three year warranty on bushings and labor.
Return shipping is included in the price.

If you have any unusual damage such as stripped teeth, broken pivots, broken springs excessive rust, etc., please contact me before purchasing this service.

When I receive your clock movement.
I will inspect your clock movement for any of the unusual damage that is listed above. If any unusual damage is found, I will contact you with a price adjustment. If you find that the price adjustment is not agreeable, I will return your clock movement to you and issue you a refund, minus the cost of return shipping.

Average turn around time is 60 days from the day I receive your clock movement.

Please be sure to include the hands, the suspension spring, and the pendulum with the movement.

Packing Instructions.
Please wrap your clock movement with several layers of bubble wrap. Place it in a box that is big enough to completely surround your clock movement with a generous amount of packing peanuts.

How the Clock Movement Wears.
This Hamburg American Clock Movement is made up of two brass plates with 2 springs and 10 gears in between them. Each gear shaft has two pivots at either end that ride in a hole in each of the plates. As the mechanism runs, the pressure from the spring turns the first gear in one direction, that gear turns the next gear in the opposite direction, and so on. Which ever direction the pressure presses the gear to run, the pivot holes in the plates will wear in that direction. The more the holes wear, the more the gears drag as they move out of alignment, and the more power the movement needs to continue running. Eventually the movement wears to the point that the spring cannot supply enough power to run the clock. At this point the movement will need to be rebuilt.

How the Clock Movement is Rebuilt.
First the clock movement is completely disassembled. All the worn pivot holes are realigned and then drilled out to the proper size of the bushing it is to receive. The bushing is then pressed into the hole and touched up with a bushing reamer as needed to provide adequate clearance for the pivot. (I use only high quality KWM bronze bushings) The springs are stretched while being scrubbed clean, and new spring oil applied. The movement is then cleaned and oiled, reassembled, and thoroughly tested.